Theoretical Work

Consciousness, Intelligence, Embodiment, and Agency

Integrated World Modeling Theory

Integrated world modeling theory expanded: Implications for the future of consciousness (2021)

An Integrated World Modeling Theory (IWMT) of Consciousness: Combining Integrated Information and Global Neuronal Workspace Theories With the Free Energy Principle and Active Inference Framework; Toward Solving the Hard Problem and Characterizing Agentic Causation (2020)


AIXI, FEP-AI, and Integrated World Models: Towards a Unified Understanding of Intelligence and Consciousness (2022)

On the Importance of Being Flexible: Dynamic Brain Networks and Their Potential Functional Significances (2022)

Generalized Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (G-SLAM) as unification framework for natural and artificial intelligences: towards reverse engineering the hippocampal/entorhinal system and principles of high-level cognition (2022)

Dream of Being: Solving AI Alignment Problems with Active Inference Models of Agency and Socioemotional Value Learning (preprint; 2022)

Value Cores for Inner and Outer Alignment: Simulating Personality Formation via Iterated Policy Selection and Preference Learning with Self-World Modeling Active Inference Agents (preprint; 2022)

The Radically Embodied Conscious Cybernetic Bayesian Brain: From Free Energy to Free Will and Back Again (2021)

Multilevel evolutionary developmental optimization (MEDO): A theoretical framework for understanding preferences and selection dynamics (written 2012; preprinted 2019)

Bayesian Analogical Cybernetics (written 2012; preprinted 2019)


On the Varieties of Conscious Experiences: Altered Beliefs Under Psychedelics (ALBUS) (preprint; revisions in progress)

Disintegrating and Reintegrating the Self – (In)Flexible Self-Models in Depersonalisation and Psychedelic Experiences (preprint; in press)

On the degrees of freedom worth having: psychedelics as means of understanding and expanding free will (preprint)

Dream to explore: 5-HT2a as adaptive temperature parameter for sophisticated affective inference (2022)


Learned but Not Chosen: A Reward Competition Feedback Model for the Origins of Sexual Preferences and Orientations (2022)

What is orgasm? A model of sexual trance and climax via rhythmic entrainment (2016)

Special Issues

Making and breaking symmetries in mind and life (2023; Royal Society Interface Focus) 

Organized with Michael Levin, Adeel Razi, Zahra Sheikhbahaee, Dalton Sakthivadivel and Magnus Bein

Bio A.I. - From Embodied Cognition to Enactive Robotics (2023; Frontiers in Neurobotics / Frontiers in Computer Science)

Organized with Andy Clark and Inês Hipólito.

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